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Recovery from a philosophical perspective, and

philosophical perspective on recovery

I am a philosopher in recovery–from addiction and from Complex-PTSD. I’ve started this page to tell my story, and to send thoughts about recovery out into the ether for anyone who might like to read them.

The Blog

I’ll try to keep this short…

Beyond belief

What I do in this blog is think through things that are bothering me. I’m not trying to solve problems. I’m certainly not trying to solicit advice. It’s fine with me if people respond that way, but I’m really just thinking. If what I’m thinking is interesting, fruitful, helpful, or provoking to you, you couldContinue reading “Beyond belief”

On the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer in AA meetings

To many in traditional AA fellowships, it is perplexing when secular, agnostic, or atheist members object to reciting the Lord’s Prayer in meetings. The basis of my own objections are that reciting the Lord’s Prayer allies the fellowship with a particular denomination and religion, and that it excludes and therefore oppresses me as a member.Continue reading “On the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer in AA meetings”

Critique of AA Ideology

Sometimes the language and beliefs of “traditional AA” bug me. So I critically analyze them and come up with alternatives. I post the results here.

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